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17 Feb S O'Rourke

Stephen O’Rourke appointed as new Keeper of the Library

FOLLOWING an election among four candidates, Faculty members have chosen Stephen O’Rourke, QC, to be the new Keeper of the Library, replacing Mungo Bovey, QC, who stepped down as a Faculty office-bearer after serving in the role for more than 12 years.

16 Feb


The Faculty of Advocates deplores the attack on the legal profession in Myanmar following the military takeover and subsequent imposition of a state of emergency.

08 Jan

21st turns 20 online

A very special 21st Century Bar Conference will also be a very different conference as it adapts to coronavirus restrictions.

17 Dec

New panel of Standing Juniors

A new panel of Standing Junior Counsel to the Scottish Government sees Paul Reid appointed as First Standing Junior.

16 Dec


The Faculty’s Christmas Collection for vulnerable families has been a tear-inducing success, and a heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped.