Admission Regulations

Access a copy of the Faculty's admission regulations here

The rules and regulations regarding admission to the Faculty are set out in the Regulations as to Intrants.  A copy of the Regulations may be found here - Regulations as to Intrants


There are a number of steps which must be taken prior to devilling:  essentially, these are (i) matriculation as an Intrant; and (ii) satisfaction of all requirements set out in the Regulations, including passing the Faculty examinations (subject to the granting of any exemptions).  Key dates to note in this regard are set out below. 

Please note that there are slightly different pathways for (i) members of the Bars of England and Wales, and of Northern Ireland, and (ii) legal practitioners from other EU Member States.


1.    Application to matriculate as an Intrant

The application must be submitted by mid-October of the year prior to the year in which you hope to begin devilling. 

The matriculation process must be complete before you can complete any of the following stages, so the earlier you submit an application the better.

2.    Faculty examinations

Notice must be given by 31 December in order to sit the Faculty examinations in Evidence, Practice and Procedure the following February.  You must sit these examinations in February if you want to commence devilling later that same year (subject to being granted any exemption).

There is a resit examination diet in May.  If you need to resit either or both of the Evidence, Practice and Procedure examinations, this is the final opportunity do so and achieve a pass, in order to commence devilling later the same year.  Notice to sit examinations at this diet must be given by 31 March.

Please also note that if you require to sit and pass examination(s) in any of the Scots law subjects listed in Appendix A(1) of the Regulations, whilst these examinations may be undertaken at any of the Faculty examination diets, the May diet will be the last available diet if you wish to commence devilling later that same year.  Notice to sit examinations at this diet must be given by 31 March.

3.    Notice to commence devilling

By 30 June, notice must be given that you intend to commence devilling that year.  By this time, you should have passed all of the required examinations, and have been granted any exemptions that are necessary.

There is one intake of devils each year, and devilling (or ‘pupillage’) commences late September/early October each year.