Advocates' Clerks

The Faculty has established a service company, Faculty Services Limited ("FSL"), to provide administrative and other support services for Advocates who subscribe for those services.

Advocates who subscribe to all of FSL’s services will belong to a stable which is served by an Advocates’ Clerk and Deputy Clerks. Each stable has its own website.

Arnot Manderson Advocates
Axiom Advocates
Black Chambers
Compass Chambers
Themis Advocates
Optimum Advocates
Terra Firma Chambers
Westwater Advocates

Faculty Services Limited also provides a Criminal Appeal Service, which can provide administrative support to solicitors in relation to criminal appeals. The Service can provide assistance to solicitors in relation to all types of criminal appeals. Please contact please contact Jane Boyd (tel. 0131 260 5846) for more information.

Advocates who do not subscribe to the clerking services provided by Faculty Services Limited may also have a Clerk or may choose to practise without a Clerk.  Advocates who are not full subscribers to FSL are listed below.

Andrew Mason
Simon Gilbride
Edith Forrest
John Thomson
Stuart Nicoll
Thomas Ross
Sean Templeton
Andrew Murphy
Juliette Casey
Alistair Forsyth
Christopher Kelly
Graham Robertson
Alyson Forbes
Margaret McFarlane
Graeme Dalgleish