Calling as an Advocate


  • How do I become a member of a stable? 

A stable is a grouping of advocates. Each stable has an advocates clerk, who heads up a team that provides practice management and marketing services to the advocate members of their particular stable. Stables at the Faculty of Advocates are somewhat similar to barrister chambers in England. 

Information on the stables will be shared with devils, who are then free to apply and rank the stables in their order of preference. Their applications will be shared with the relevant stables.

Certain stables have certain areas of practice, and this information will be shared with devils prior to them applying to join a stable.


  • What are the costs of starting practice? 

As a minimum you should have a reliable laptop and mobile phone. You may also invest in other office equipment but bear in mind that the Advocates Library is a working law library so the other resources you may need (printing, copying, etc) are on-site there. 

The main cost is the cost of court dress. For men, a wig, gown, tailcoat, bow tie, wing collar, waistcoat, and trousers will set the devil back almost £2000. Devils may already own a gown from time spent as a solicitor. The cost of court dress will be slightly cheaper for women, although the cost of the wig is still high. 

You will also have to take out sufficient professional indemnity insurance. The premium varies depending on the amount of cover you require and will be pro-rated from the annual premiums paid by members on 1 May each year. By way of illustration, the annual premium for the minimum cover of £500,000 in 2024 was £1,070. The annual premium for £2,500,000 cover was £2,866. 

Aside from that, there are no major costs in starting practice other than living costs incurred while waiting for fees to become consistent. 


  • What clothes are required for the calling? 

In advance of calling, formal guidance is provided to all devils on the dress requirements for the calling ceremony (and which will, of course, be required for practice as an advocate in many court settings). 

A wig and gown are required for all.  There are some second-hand wigs and gowns available to purchase from retiring members, or new items can be purchased through a number of suppliers. 

For gentlemen, the following are also required: evening tailcoat, dinner suit trousers, black waistcoat, white shirt, white stiff winged collar, marcella white bow tie and black socks and well-polished black shoes. For women, the following are also required: a black suit (either skirt or trousers), plain white blouse, black tights/socks and black shoes. 


  • What does calling day involve? 

Calling day is marked as an important and prestigious day in your legal career. Family and friends are invited to Parliament House to a formal ceremony and often newly-called members like to mark the occasion with a dinner or party for friends and colleagues to attend. 

You will be admitted into the Faculty of Advocates by the Dean in a ceremony held in the Reading Room and then admitted to the public office of advocate in a ceremony held in the courts.

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