How do I instruct an Advocate?

Advocates are members of an independent referral bar. This means that, as a general rule, Advocates do not provide their services directly to the public, but are available to be instructed by solicitors and other designated professionals and bodies.

Advocates may be instructed by solicitors and other persons authorised to conduct litigation in Scotland and, under the Faculty’s Direct Access Rules, by members of a variety of other professional organisations and other designated bodies.

Cases may also be referred to an Advocate by designated advice agencies, through the Faculty’s Free Legal Services Unit. The Faculty Dispute Resolution Service facilitates the appointment of Advocates as arbitrators, adjudicators and for the purpose of other forms of alternative dispute resolution. 

Most Advocates are members of stables, which are served by an Advocates' Clerk and Deputy Clerks. For more information and links to Advocates' stable and personal websites please click here. 


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