Mini-Devilling Scheme

The Mini-devilling scheme is a scheme open to students enrolled on the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at an accredited provider in Scotland. The scheme was established in 2018 with the support of Strathclyde University. Since 2022 the scheme now enjoys the support of all six Diploma providers.

The scheme is intended to give diploma students an opportunity to gain experience of the work of an Advocate and an insight into the Faculty of Advocates, as well as a more general introduction to advocacy and the realities of legal work.

The scheme involves students, known as ‘mini-devils’, shadowing a Member of Faculty for one day a week over the course of the university semester between New Year and Easter. Devilling is the term used for those who are training to become Members of the Faculty of Advocates, hence the term mini-devil for those students who take part in this scheme. The Faculty of Advocates is responsible for the allocation of the mini-devilmasters, while it is the Diploma Providers who select the students to take part in the scheme.

In addition to shadowing a specific Member of Faculty, there are also talks and training events provided to the mini-devils with Faculty Office Bearers, Senators of the College of Justice, and other senior figures from the Scottish legal world giving of their time to support the scheme in a variety of ways.

There is a handout available to download here which has more details about mini-devilling. If you would like more information then please email or speak to your Diploma provider.