Life at the Scottish Bar

Life as an advocate at the Scottish Bar offers a rewarding and stimulating opportunity to have a real impact, both for your clients and for the wider society. As a member of the Faculty of Advocates you will enjoy a collegiate working environment, with ample opportunities for ongoing career development. You will also have access to the extensive resources of the Advocates Library, founded in 1682 and widely regarded as the finest law library in the British Isles.


There are a number of steps which must be taken prior to devilling:  essentially, these are (i) matriculation as an Intrant; and (ii) satisfaction of all requirements set out in the Regulations, including passing the Faculty examinations (subject to the granting of any exemptions).  Key dates to note in this regard are set out below. 

Please note that there are slightly different pathways for (i) members of the Bars of England and Wales, and of Northern Ireland, and (ii) legal practitioners from other EU Member States.

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