Eurodevils Programme

Each year, the Faculty and the European Lawyers’ Association present a Eurodevils programme in which overseas lawyers spend 12 weeks in Edinburgh, learning about the Scottish Bar and Scotland’s legal system.

The European Lawyers’ Programme (ELP) dates from the 1970s and hundreds of participants have taken part and enthusiastically sing its praises.

During the programme, Eurodevils (“devils” is the word used in Scotland for those training to become Advocates) complete an introductory course in Scots law, and have placements with a Court of Session/High Court judge and with junior and senior counsel.

COVID-19 caused cancellation of the 2020 programme, but it is hoped to resume in 2021. The programme is free but participants have to cover their own living, travel and accommodation costs.

Full details about the programme, and how to apply can be found here or by contacting Paul Harvey, Advocate, co-ordinator of the programme at the Faculty, by email .


Eurodevils 2019