Edward G.M. Targowski K.C.

Year of Call: 1975

Year of Silk: 1989

Optimum Advocates


LL.B (Hons) University of Edinburgh

Special interests


Public and fatal accident inquiries


Stable telephone number

0141 370 8669

Angela Bath

Laura Kenney

Nicole Ferguson


Edward has represented clients in criminal trials, appeals and inquiries in some of the most controversial legal cases in Scotland.

He has represented many parents accused of physical, sexual and satanic abuse of their children. He acted for the parents accused of satanic child abuse in Orkney and led the legal representation on their behalf at the public inquiry that resulted in the Clyde Report.

During his appointment as Senior Advocate Depute he was responsible for the successful prosecution of many High Court cases.

Edward provides advice and representation to private and commercial clients on all aspects of fraud, embezzlement, proceeds of crime and money laundering legislation, including restraint orders.

He has had notable success in various road traffic cases.


Former Temporary Sheriff

Former Chairman, Pension Appeals Tribunal

Former Chairman, Supplementary Benefit Appeals Tribunal

Former Chairman, Disablement Appeals Tribunal

Former Advocate Depute