G Gebbie

George C. Gebbie

Year of Call: 1987

Black Chambers


LL.B (Hons) University of Aberdeen

Special interests


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0131 260 5829

Lee-Anne Black

Steven Burns


George Gebbie has played a significant role in both cross border and international law cases, as well as cutting edge domestic criminal cases.

Originally trained and practised as a state prosecutor before becoming a defence lawyer.  For many years has been involved in the application of international legal norms in situations and cases both domestically and internationally.  Has been involved in training colleagues from different jurisdictions and has in turn applied techniques and strategies learned from practitioners from other legal systems. Following his employment as a state prosecutor, throughout his involvement in these areas, including the writing of articles and the provision of training to different professional groups, Mr Gebbie has at all times been a  full-time practising criminal lawyer. He is fluent in Swedish and French. For further details see Black Chambers website.


Megrahi -v- HMA; Represented D & G Police as havers

Campbell & Steele -v- HMA

Dickson -v- HMA

Hoekstra et al. -v- HMA


"Not Proven" as a Juridicial Concept in Scotland, Norway & Italy

European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law & Criminology 2000 & 2002

Trial Within a Trial in Scotland and Israel