S Gilbride

Simon J. Gilbride

Year of Call: 1995


M.A. University of Glasgow

LL.B University of Glasgow

Dip. L.P. University of Glasgow

Special interests



Health & Safety

Public and fatal accident inquiries


Stable telephone number

0141 560 3395

Anne Gilbride


Simon's principal areas of practice are crime, child law and mental health.

Simon called to the Bar in 1995. In conducting children’s referrals, fatal accident inquiries and adoption proofs he has acquired considerable experience in the examination of expert witnesses and the careful handling of sensitive issues.  He also has a wide range of experience both as a leading junior and a junior with leader in complex cases including serious fraud and money laundering.

MA University of Glasgow
LL.B University of Glasgow
Dip LP University of Glasgow


Johnson and Allison v HMA [2006] HCJAC 30

McKinnon & Ors v HMA 2003 SCCR 225

FAI- Paisley. Bysouth Erskine Bridge Suicide

FAI- Ayr - FR June 2007 (Meningococcal Septicaemia)

Mental Health Appeal- Mark Biggley