B.A University of Wroclaw

M.A University of Wroclaw

M.A University of Edinburgh

LL.B University of Edinburgh

PhD University of Oxford

Special interests


Company and commercial


Professional liability and regulation


Wojciech Jajdelski (pronounced voi-check yai-del-ski) trained with Dundas & Wilson and then worked there for 4 years as a litigation solicitor, specialising in professional liability.

He defended and pursued cases against lawyers, accountants, valuers and construction professionals, ranging considerably in complexity and value, in the Court of Session, Sheriff Courts and out of court.

Since calling in 2014, Wojciech has appeared in the Court of Session (including the Commercial Court), Sheriff Courts and Employment Tribunals. He has acted, among other things, in a construction case involving allegations of illegality, a number of commercial disputes, and a successful personal injury case.

He has advised on professional liability claims, including cases against solicitors and medical practitioners, on his own and with a senior. He has also acted in discrimination and unfair dismissal cases, and argued novel points of statutory interpretation in the sheriff court at first instance and on appeal.