Abbotsford hosts Bruce Tomb exhibition

13 Apr

An exhibition featuring a three-dimensional digital model of "The Lost Tomb of Robert the Bruce" has opened at Sir Walter Scott's Abbotsford home.

Bruce was buried at Dunfermline Abbey and his grave was marked by a white marble tomb but the monument was later destroyed. In the early 19th Century, what were believed to be his remains were discovered with fragments of carved and gilded marble.

Scott acquired a fragment and it was found at Abbotsford. Now, all the fragments have been brought together in the exhibition and have been mounted against a graphic backdrop to illustrate the overall effect.

Kirsty Archer-Thompson, Heritage and Engagement manager for the Abbotsford Trust, said: "We are delighted to be bringing this fantastic exhibition to Abbotsford, giving both the local community and visitors to the Borders the chance to find out more about the final resting place of Scotland's most famous king. It is fitting that Sir Walter Scott, the man who ignited such passion for Scottish history, acquired a piece of this archaeological jigsaw puzzle. Everyone involved in the project is thrilled that the public can see this precious collection of remaining fragments back together again."

The exhibition runs until 30 November and is covered by the ticket price to visit the House. Details at

Scott was a member of Faculty and the Faculty's long association with Abbotsford is continued through the Faculty of Advocates Abbotsford Collection Trust which has care of around 9,000 books in the house's library and other items.