Judges from Brazil heading to Scotland

24 Dec


The Faculty is to help give judges from Brazil an insight into the Scottish legal system.

The Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB), which represents all levels of the Brazilian judiciary, has chosen the United Kingdom as the venue from 23 May to 2 June, 2016, for its second International Congress.

After a series of events in London, up to 200 delegates will move north of the Border and will be guests at events in Parliament House, the WS Library, Edinburgh University and Stirling University.

They will hear about the Scottish judiciary and the legal profession in Scotland, including the role played by advocates, and about the procedures in the country’s civil and criminal courts, and, for the particular benefit of labour judges in the party, the Employment Tribunal.

Visits will be made to the Court of Session and the Employment Tribunal, and a mock High Court trial is being organised for criminal judges.