Warm welcome for Crown’s refugee policy

15 Dec


The Dean of Faculty, James Wolffe, QC, has welcomed the Crown Office’s publication of a policy on non-penalisation of refugees.

Earlier this year, the Faculty sponsored a Scottish Refugee Council conference, “Prosecute or Protect”, and one of the themes was the absence, by contrast with the position in England & Wales, of a policy in Scotland.

At the conference, the Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland, QC, had made clear his intention to remedy the gap.

“This has now been achieved,” said Mr Wolffe, in a blog on the new website of the Faculty’s Human Rights and Rule of Law Committee.

“I warmly welcome the publication of this policy and the Lord Advocate is to be congratulated on taking this issue forward.”

The blog is at http://www.humanrights.scot/2015/12/refugee-policy/