Faculty plays its part in State Aid first

20 Jan

 It will be a notable "first" when the Faculty hosts a seminar examining State Aid law from a Scottish viewpoint.

The half-day event on Monday, 2 February, is the first organised by the UK State Aid Law Association (UKSALA) to be held outside London.

Sir David Edward, the former judge of the European Court has accepted an invitation to chair the seminar and to open proceedings with some introductory remarks.

The line-up of speakers will be Michael Howlin, QC (What is State Aid?), James Wolffe, QC, Dean of Faculty (State Aid in the Courts), Margaret Gray, Brick Court Chambers London, Law Library Dublin and Bar Library Belfast (Devolution, Tax and State Aid) and a member of staff from the State Aid Unit of the Scottish Government (The Scottish Government perspective on State Aid).

UKSALA was formed in 2012 to provide a UK forum for discussion of State Aid issues and to contribute to the development of State Aid law, which has been described as the means by which the European Union regulates State-funded measures to ensure they do not adversely affect trade between Member States, thereby undermining the common market.

Christopher Vajda, QC, the UK Judge at the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, is UKSALA's president.

The seminar is free, and go to http://events.advocates.org.uk