Faculty welcomes Texas Bar and Bench

09 Sep

A talk by a celebrated US Judge will be a highlight of a week of events as the Faculty plays host to group of 56 members of the Texas Bar and Bench.


Judge Larry Gist is to take time out from learning about the justice system in Scotland to give “A View from the Bench in Texas”.


He is Senior Criminal District Judge in the Jefferson County Drug Impact Court and last year he received the Judicial Lifetime Achievement Award, which goes to a current or former Texas judge for commitment to judicial excellence and access to justice.


Judge Gist and the party arrive on 20 September and the itinerary of their week includes visits to courts – taking in the Opening Ceremony of the new Scottish Legal Year – and to the Scottish Parliament.


Seminars will cover topics such as the Lockerbie case, sentencing practice in Scotland and Texas, and the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on Scots Law.


Kenny McBrearty, QC, who helped organise the visit, said: “A group from the Texas Bar and Bench visit a different country every year so that they can get an understanding of how other jurisdictions work when compared with Texas.  I am delighted that they have chosen to visit Scotland and we will be doing everything possible to ensure that they enjoy their trip, both educationally and socially.”

The talk by Judge Gist is on Tuesday, 22 September, at 4:15pm. To register, go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-view-from-the-bench-in-texas-tickets-18468814722