Texas group arrives for week of Faculty hospitality

21 Sep


A group of 56 members of the Texas Bar and Bench has been welcomed to a week of events as guests of the Faculty.

The visitors were greeted by the Dean, James Wolffe, QC, who gave a brief history of the Faculty, explaining that advocates have much the same role as barristers in England and Wales.

“Like Rumpole of the Bailey, we wear wigs – though today, advocates who wear wigs also use ipads,” said Mr Wolffe.

He spoke of “the most important role of the Faculty and its members” – providing high quality legal services, protecting and vindicating rights, contributing to the development and maintenance of Scotland’s distinctive legal tradition, and promoting the rule of law.

Kenny McBrearty, QC, helped organise the visit, and Mr Wolffe added: “I know that Kenny has put together an interesting and stimulating programme for you. I wish you an enjoyable time…”

The week includes visits to courts – taking in the Opening Ceremony of the new Scottish Legal Year – and to the Scottish Parliament.

Seminars will cover topics such as the Lockerbie case, sentencing practice in Scotland and Texas, and the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on Scots Law.

One of the group, Judge Larry Gist, has agreed to give a talk, “A View from the Bench in Texas”, to members of Faculty on Tuesday, 22 September. Some places are still available https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-view-from-the-bench-in-texas-tickets-18468814722