Dean’s access to justice concern in court fees hike

27 Jul


The Dean of Faculty, Gordon Jackson, QC, has sounded a note of concern about access to justice in light of proposed increases in civil court fees.

The Scottish Government has issued a consultation paper in which possible increases of 24 per cent are mooted in an effort to recover the cost to the public of providing the services of the courts.

Mr Jackson said: “The Faculty will consider the paper and respond in detail in due course. My immediate concern would be maintaining access to justice and I would be anxious to ensure that no change would adversely affect that.”

The Scottish Government said the aim of increasing civil court fees was to raise around £5m-£6m per annum which “should ensure full cost recovery.”

It has put forward two possible approaches. The first is a flat rise  - increasing all fees by 24 per cent. The second is targeted increases - increasing fees for only some actions while leaving others untouched.

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