Panel posts for Faculty twelve

22 Dec


A DOZEN advocates have been approved for appointment as Legally Qualified Chairs by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

The 12 members of Faculty will chair Fitness to Practise Panels in the part-time posts, and account for two-thirds of the latest round of appointments by the SSSC.

They are:  Marian Gilmore, QC, Kay Springham, QC, Andrew Webster, Bruce Erroch, Bryan Heaney, Ruth Charteris, Isla Davie, Edith Forrest, Alice Stobart, Julie McKinlay, Margaret McFarlane and Alyson Forbes.

The Vice-Dean of Faculty, Angela Grahame, QC, congratulated the 12 and said: "The Faculty has worked hard with many regulatory bodies, including the SSSC, at ensuring that both our civil and criminal members are fully trained and educated in this highly specialised area. 

“The Dean and I are delighted that so many have been appointed in what was a highly competitive recruitment process. This not only reflects well on the extensive skills and abilities of our membership, but also on the quality of training and education that has been provided.  We wish them all well in their new roles."