Verdict delivered: MiniTrials are “mega fun”

26 Jun


PRIMARY pupils who took over Stirling Sheriff Court to stage a Faculty MiniTrial were clear in their verdict  –  “super duper mega fun!”

The youngsters, from St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School, Dunblane, acted out a trial before “Sheriff” Laura Thomson, Advocate, who had helped them prepare for their day in court and was impressed by the budding legal talent.

“The MiniTrial was a huge success – I was so proud of the kids, they worked so hard and delivered a fantastic performance. After the trial, they were taken on a tour of the cells and I think that was the highlight for them!” she said.

“I am grateful to the Sheriff Clerk at Stirling for hosting our MiniTrial – being able to conduct the trial in a real courtroom was a fantastic opportunity for the children.”

Asked for their impressions, the pupils reported that it had been “a brilliant night” and that they wanted “to say a big thank-you to Ms Thomson for organising it all and coming in to work with us.”

Theo declared: "It was super duper mega fun!" Logan had “loved the experience", while for Sam, it was “one of the best times of my life!”

Millie said she had been “inspired to possibly become a lawyer”, and Julie and Madeleine learned that “there are holding cells downstairs in a courthouse” and “there is a Clerk of Court”.

MiniTrials for schools were the idea of Lord Kinclaven (Sandy Wylie, QC) who wanted to demystify the law in an enjoyable way and give youngsters the chance to learn what really happens in a Scottish court, as opposed to what they might see on television or read in books.

The project was launched in 2002 and thousands of pupils throughout Scotland have taken part, often in real courtrooms in their local sheriff court.

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