Faculty links to UK-US group and Edinburgh chapel

14 Nov

Lisa Henderson and Herbert Kerrigan



THE Faculty has become an unlikely common denominator for a transatlantic fellowship and an ecumenical chapel in Edinburgh.

Two senior members of Faculty, Lisa Henderson, QC, and Herbert Kerrigan, QC, have taken up appointments with the British-American Project (BAP) and the Thistle Trust respectively.

BAP has more than 1,200 fellows and prides itself on “giving professionals the chance to enhance their intellectual curiosity, test their limits, learn from the perspectives and experiences of others and challenge assumptions about the world.”

The Trust manages Robin Chapel, an interdenominational place of worship in the grounds of the Thistle Foundation housing complex in Craigmillar, Edinburgh. The complex was originally built by Sir Francis and Lady Isabella Tudsbery for disabled war veterans and their families, and now is home for people with long-term health conditions. The chapel is named after their son, Lieutenant Robin Tudsbery, who was killed in the closing days of World War II.

Ms Henderson is the new Vice-Chair of BAP’s UK executive committee. She said: “It is an honour to be appointed UK Vice-Chair of such a dynamic fellowship.”

Mr Kerrigan, a Church of Scotland Reader who has preached regularly at the Robin Chapel,  has been elected Chair of the Trustees of the Thistle Trust. He said: “The Trust has a particular concern for the wellbeing of ex-service personnel which I have shared since my time as the Church of Scotland’s equivalent of the Bishop to HM Forces.“

For more about BAP, go to www.britishamericanproject.org

Find out about the Robin Chapel at http://robinchapel.org.uk/