Faculty Xmas collection for vulnerable families

02 Nov


THE Faculty is following its Christmas “tradition” this year of making a difference for vulnerable families in Fife, with donations of presents and cash to bring festive cheer.

This is the fourth time that Maria Maguire, QC, has organised a collection in aid of the family support charity, Home-Start Glenrothes.

Her efforts and the kindness and generosity of all those who support the collection are greatly appreciated, and the impact should not be underestimated, says Lindsey Brown, of Home-Start Glenrothes.

“Just the other day, we had a young mother, on her own with 88p in the electricity meter, no gas, no nappies and very little food. We were able to sort her out from funds which we hold in reserve for emergencies like this, funds which came from the Faculty’s collection last year,” said Ms Brown.

“She kept worrying about what she was going to do at Christmas. All she wanted was a wee trike for her toddler, nothing for herself, just a trike for her son. I was able to reassure her that she would get a trike for him, and it is thanks to the Faculty. She was just so delighted.”

Maria Maguire said: “Sadly, many families are living in desperate circumstances. We have made a real difference in the past, when the response has been fantastic. Home-Start Glenrothes and the families are very grateful and relieved that we are going to help them again.”

Donations of presents, Xmas treats or cash are sought. And it is not all for the children.

“There are a lot of vulnerable parents who will not receive anything unless we can help, so presents for them, especially as there are a lot of young mums this year, would be welcomed. Many of the parents have no family support network as they themselves had difficult childhoods,” added Ms Maguire.

“As well as our own members and staff, we have had wonderful support previously from the solicitors’ branch of the profession, and the judiciary, and we’re hoping that this year again, we can make a difference.”

Anyone wanting to contact Ms Maguire can email her at maria.maguire@advocates.org.uk. Details of how to donate are here