Arctic adventure “fantastic experience”

30 Jan

Hello Faculty, from the top of the world


TREKKING for three days in sub-zero conditions may leave many people cold, but the Faculty’s Robert Sutherland enjoyed a “fantastic experience”.

Robert was part of a 13-strong team which headed to northern Finland for the Arctic trek in aid of the Children 1st charity.

The group covered 65 km (40 miles) over snow and ice on often hilly terrain, all the time pulling loaded pulks (sledges) behind them. The weather brought frequent snow showers and a fresh wind which lowered the temperature even further.

“Our guides estimated that it was about -11C…the finish line was a welcome sight when it came,” said Robert.

“The environment is harsh, and unforgiving.  You are on your feet all day, because there is nowhere to sit.  Food and water breaks are short because you cannot stand in one place for long without starting to get very cold.  If you need to take you gloves off to do something, you have only minutes before your hands start to freeze.”

But with nearly £2,250 raised for Children 1st – donations can still be made here – and so many memories, Robert is in no doubt it was all worth it.

“The whole expedition was a fantastic experience.   I would even consider going back,” he said.