Devils welcomed to the Faculty

28 Jun


FIFTEEN new members have been admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in a socially distanced calling ceremony.

The intrants were welcomed by the Dean of Faculty, Roddy Dunlop, QC, and admitted to the public office of Advocate by Lord Weir. The ceremony was held in Parliament Hall to accommodate the current social distancing regulations required due to COVID-19.

The new Faculty members are Mary Ellen Stewart, John Brannigan, David Blair, Andrew Bergin, Sarah Trainer, Andrew McWhirter, Rosalyn McTaggart, Callum Hiller, Catriona MacQueen, Mark Allison, Hugh Masters, Patricia Baillie, Thomas Brownlee, Susan Fallone, and Jonathan Bremner.

As lockdown restrictions have been eased recently a limited number of the intrants’ friends and family were able to be present at this year’s calling ceremony.

Welcoming them as new members of Faculty Mr Dunlop referenced the unusual circumstances under which they had been required to successfully complete their training, as the pandemic had meant limited opportunities for them to interact face-to-face.  In his words of welcome Lord Weir advised the new members to work hard, but to also be sure to take the time required to recharge.