Law students inspired by their mini-devilling experience

07 Apr

The mini-devils with Clerk of Faculty Barney Ross and Dominic Scullion (far left), and Elisabeth Roxburgh and Craig Findlater (far right).

THE Faculty’s Mini-devilling Scheme has been judged a resounding success by participating law students.

Open to students studying for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, it aims to encourage people from a range of backgrounds to consider a career at the Bar, particularly those with no family or social connection with the legal profession. Thirty students joined the initiative, which ran from January and March. Each gained first-hand experience by being paired with a junior advocate as their mini-devilmaster, whom they shadowed for one day a week.


They were also given a taster of Faculty’s renowned advocacy training programme by attending several days of presentations given by senior members of the legal profession, including judges, law officers, and senior counsel. At the end of the course, they participated in mock trials, judged by senior members of Faculty.

The scheme was co-ordinated by advocates Craig Findlater, Elisabeth Roxburgh, and Dominic Scullion.

Eunice Owusu-Afriyie, one of the mini-devils, said: “Having taken part in the programme, I have come away with a positive impression of Faculty. It has given me exposure to what life at the Scottish Bar looks like and demystified the role of an advocate. It has made me realise that it is something I can do and it is possible for me to aspire to.”

Another mini-devil, Jennifer Wells, added: “It was fantastic to have the opportunity to shadow an advocate and, through them, to start building professional relationships. I see Faculty as being far more diverse and accessible than people outside of the profession perhaps realise. Everyone that I met during the programme was friendly and welcoming.”

Their comments were echoed by their fellow mini-devils, who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity, describing their experience as being insightful, interesting and of real help in increasing their understanding of a career at the Bar.

To mark the end of the scheme, Faculty hosted a reception at which the Rt Hon. Lord Carloway, Lord President, gave a talk on the importance of advocacy, before wishing the mini-devils well for their future careers.

The scheme will run again next year, and further information can be found here.