Edward Kane, Advocate Is Back (And This Time, It’s Spooky!)

15 Dec

Scotland’s best known (fictional) Advocate is back in action this month in The Scotsman with this year’s month-long Christmas serial, ‘Edward Kane and the Supernal Sisters’. The story focuses on the popularity of seances and other spirited events in the mid 1900s.

The introduction to the new series starts here: https://www.scotsman.com/news/people/thats-the-spirit-our-continuing-fascination-with-the-after-life-ross-macfarlane-kc-4423927

Ross Macfarlane KC’s creations of the 19th Century Advocate, Edward Kane and his Cockney manservant, Mr Horse have a been a popular feature of The Scotsman newspaper since 2019 and saw their full-length debut in the novel ‘Edward Kane and the Parlour Maid Murderer’ in 2020. The paper has described the characters as ‘the most entertaining crime duo since Holmes and Watson’.

This month also saw the release of Macfarlane’s second Edward Kane, Advocate book: ‘Edward Kane and Mr Horse - Collected Short Stories: Volume I’.

‘Little did I know when I started writing these characters that people would be coming up to me and demanding when the next Kane and Horse book would be out,’ laughs Mr Macfarlane, ‘so the decision was made to bring out a collection of the short stories to fill that demand. It’s already sold a lot of copies and I suspect that it will be found under a number of Christmas trees on the 25th!’

In 2020, after intense research and legal submissions, Mr Macfarlane achieved the re-enrolment of Scottish Patriot, Thomas Muir to the roll of the Faculty of Advocates and he is the first author to be signed to the new Scottish publishing company, Arlan Press.

The new book, ‘Edward Kane and Mr Horse - Collected Short Stories: Volume I’ can be found here.