Faculty launches careers clinic in support of women at the Bar

08 Mar

Ruth Crawford KC, Treasurer at the Faculty of Advocates

INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day provides an opportunity to recognise the contribution women make in the workplace and throughout society in general.

“Perhaps more importantly, however, it drives the change required to address gender parity by focussing attention on practical, effective ways to support women looking to advance their futures,” said Ruth Crawford KC, Treasurer at the Faculty of Advocates. "The Faculty is committed to promoting and encouraging diversity within its membership base to reflect the population it serves in its pursuit of access to justice for all."


“Women currently make up 29 per cent of the Faculty’s practising membership base, so much still needs to be done,” she said.

To encourage and support women considering a career as an advocate the Faculty will host an online “Women at the Scottish Bar” Careers Clinic during the evening on Thursday 18 May. All female trainees or qualified solicitors in Scotland or other jurisdictions are welcome to participate.

The careers clinic will give participants the chance to have a confidential conversation with a woman already at the Bar. These conversations can cover, among other things, how to plan their journey to the Bar, current opportunities and work levels at the Faculty and what life as an advocate is really like. Each 30-minute discussion will be conducted virtually after hours. 

“I am delighted that the Faculty is hosting this initiative and would encourage any women interested in a career as an advocate to attend,” said Miss Crawford. “These confidential conversations will see female Faculty members transferring knowledge about a career as an advocate, as well as correcting any misconceptions that may otherwise discourage women from pursuing a future here. The careers clinic will also give us the opportunity to both listen to and learn from future advocates as to what more we can do to promote and encourage diversity at the Bar.”

To book a 30-minute appointment to meet with a member of Faculty during the online ‘Women at the Scottish Bar’ Careers Clinic please complete this form and send it to the Dean’s Secretariat at the Faculty of Advocates on deans.secretariat@advocates.org.uk by Wednesday 26 April.