New devils kick off their training

07 Oct


ELEVEN new devils arrived at the MacKenzie Building this week to take the next step in their legal careers.

Ruth Crawford KC, Treasurer at the Faculty of Advocates, extended a warm welcome to the new devils and said: “Faculty, as always, is delighted that new talent is coming to the Scottish Bar. Over the years we have done all that we can to support our devils to become advocates, including making a range of scholarships available to provide financial support where needed during their training.

“We are committed to making sure that those who are admitted to the Bar are given the highest quality of education and training. This is reflected in the rigorous skills training the devils need to complete within their nine-month training period. I and the rest of our Advocate members wish them all the very best.”

“It is a pleasure to welcome this year’s devils to the Foundation Course for Devils,” said Hugh Olson, Director of Training and Education. “As always the devils come from a variety of backgrounds with some of them having experience of living and working in California, Singapore, Brussels, Germany and London. My first impressions are that they are enjoying the course (so far!) and I look forward to working with them over the next nine months.”

“As I enter my second year as Deputy Director of Training and Education I am very much looking forward to building upon the experiences from last year and assisting the new intake of devils. This is just the start of what, I am sure, will be a very promising and successful career for them all,” said Gillian Ross.

The new devils are Rachel Breen, Alexander Critchley, Deirdre Flanigan, Graham Horn, Eilish Lindsay, Ross Mitchell, Neil Morrison, Bilaal Shabbir, Clara Smeaton, Richard Templeton and Kristian Whitaker.